Okay, so this is something that has been on my mind for a while now. It seems like, especially as we get closer to the November election, people have went crazy where beliefs are concerned. I have literally been in a situation where I was informed that my beliefs are offensive, oppressive, and incorrect and told that I shouldn’t openly practice my beliefs. I am a Christian, but that should not offend you; that is my personal belief and the values on which I live my life. You are free to choose how to live your life yet you want to take that right away from me? How do you rationalize that?
I am pro-life: I do not support abortion. That is my personal choice. I have the right to believe that way. I have the right to pray in public: it would be different if I was screaming a prayer at the top of my lungs in the middle of a store or forcing you to pray with me; but me bowing my head and saying a silent prayer before meals should not offend you just as I am not offended that you do not pray.
How is it that I am ‘hating’ or ‘judging’ by living my beliefs yet you are right in telling me that I am wrong and that I’m a terrible person for believing the way I do? Have I ever forced you into a discussion about my religion? You can come to me anytime and I’ll answer any question you have about my beliefs, but do you even know my stance on most things? If you don’t, that’s a pretty good sign that I’m not beating you over the head with my beliefs as you seem to be implying that I am. I am just so sick of all the bullying and controversy.
My life is not perfect; I’ve made mistakes and messed up along the way. But do you know what makes me different? It’s that I have been forgiven by a God who saw through all my mistakes and could see my potential. I choose to follow His teachings; to live my life for Him. You have the right to choose how to live your life, but I have chosen to live for Christ. That’s a choice that each of us are entitled to make.

I know I’m not the only one currently dealing with this, I have friends who have been facing the same thing. I write this because I want to let others know that you are NOT ALONE! Even when it seems like they are coming at you from all sides, trust in God’s perfect timing; that person who is watching to see how you handle everything and waiting to see if you back down, that person might be the one who sees something special in you and one day leads your family to Christ. Be encouraged and keep going!


Selena Rynay


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