Okay, so to be completely honest, I have never believed in love at first sight. This is because love is so much more than just physical attraction, but connecting with someone emotionally and spiritually. But I somewhat question whether or not it can happen. Now I guess I had better start at the beginning…

Several months ago, I went through drive through at a fast food place and, when the guy handed out my order, our eyes met and locked; and, WOW, there was something so electric and powerful in that moment… instant attraction to this handsome stranger.

Fast forward to August when I got a job at this same fast food restaurant (nothing to do with him, I hadn’t seen him since that day, I was just looking for a second job and they were hiring). So I’ve been working with him lately and the attraction I have for him is a little unnerving. I don’t know how to talk to him, I’m lost for words but I want so badly to get to know him a little better. AND HE IS A CHRISTIAN!!! I’ve been praying about it and feel like God may be guiding us together… I just keep praying and trusting that God will work things out according to His will. Just waiting on God’s perfect timing and having to learn patience (definitely hard, but God’s still working on me). Updates to follow. Until next time God bless!


Selena Rynay


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