An awesome friend recently challenged me to be fearless and take chances; to do what I really want to do with my life. This conversation led me to begin thinking about, if I could do anything I wanted to do, what would it be? So I sat down and came up with twenty-five things I want to do before my twenty-fifth birthday – I will be twenty-two in August, so that’s a little over three years from now. It took a lot of consideration, but here is the result:

  1. Go canoeing
  2. Run a 5K
  3. Go horseback riding
  4. Reach my goal weight
  5. Have a serious relationship
  6. Explore a cave
  7. Take a kickboxing class
  8. Take a Zumba class
  9. Attain my MSW
  10. Move into my own place
  11. Go on a romantic picnic
  12. Visit Maine
  13. Attend a Breakout game
  14. Attend a Military training program (for example: Operation Immersion)
  15. Share my blog with friends / family (none of them know about it)
  16. Go to a drive-in movie
  17. Learn to French braid
  18. Have 3 months of bills in savings
  19. Stay in a cabin
  20. Eat a raw diet for a day
  21. Eat a vegan diet for a week
  22. Eat a vegetarian diet for a week
  23. Eat totally organic for a week
  24. Take a Pilates class
  25. Take a Yoga class

So, there it is; these are my goals for the next three years. Plus, some of them might become reality soon. For instance, I am currently vacationing in North Carolina near the ocean and the house we’re renting HAS A CANOE! I am really nervous and scared of both drowning and being eaten by a shark, but I am trying to talk my sister-in-law into going with me. lol. If she will, I can mark that one off my list this week!

Now back to vacation! I welcome you all to check back in along the way and follow me as I strive to find life, love, and my own happily ever after. Until then…


Selena Rynay


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